LOTW | 6 March – 12 March: Acid Medical

The second week in March will commence with the second label feature on Sunbleach, following November 2016’s feature on Nirvana Port. Acid Medical is an experimental electronic music label ran by gorepup of BLCR Laboratories, utilizing the tropes of “kidcore” and “post-vore”. These two concepts revolve around vulgar, gaudy colors and artwork with elements of drone and glitch music; most of the albums incorporate what we at Sunbleach have called “ADD-drone”. Acid Medical was founded mostly as a joke but also as a way to create art inspired by the effluent garishness of childish colors and the medical industry taken to the very extreme. Have you ever seen the color red so saturated as on an antibiotic pill?

There are currently eight releases on Acid Medical. This week, Sunbleach will discuss each album released as of March 2017, kicking off with an interview with gorepup here. Check back each day as we update the list below, and listen to the music on Acid Medical here.


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