str grl † – killkore

Recommendation: ☹

killkore is one hour and forty-two minutes of drone music. Yes, you heard that right.1 killkore is pretty different from the rest of the Acid Medical discography (thus far) as it is the only pure drone release on the label. Other albums – such as animal crossing by gorepup – utilize drone, but the drone tracks are usually preceded/followed by the capricious electronica that characterizes much of the “kidcore” aesthetic. killkore isn’t any of that; it’s simply drone at drone’s fullest, logical extant. The closest comparison in the dreampunk/vaporwave realm would be Dilation of the Soul Electronic by Keito Shimuguchi; it similarly utilizes smooth, extended chords that occasionally (and subtly) add or subtract synthesized elements.

Due to its length and monotony, killkore has little general appeal, but one could treat it as furniture music. Put it on, kick back with a book, and let the music fill space.



1. killkore – (1:42:17)


1At the moment, it’s the longest non-generative track on my computer.


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