starsculptor – thunder carnival

Recommendation: ✂ (“tiger striped cat”, “epsilon, pt. II [Mukyu Nyan remix]”)

Whereas killkore and UNDERDOSE are entirely based in drone music, thunder carnival represents the “kid” part of Acid Medical’s “kidcore” aesthetic. This six-track EP is like listening to the thoughts of a child with ADD who watches way too much anime.1 Spoken word samples come out of nowhere on future funk-influenced tracks with house-oriented beats. A few tracks flow into each other (e.g. “she says that i am the ultimate torment” and “take your days (livetune vs shoko nakagawa)”), almost giving thunder carnival the impression of a cohesive mix before tracks randomly end. “the two of us (feat. pega)” has a bit of classic-style vaporwave in it by way of an extreme tempo shift halfway through the track, and “epsilon, pt. II [Mukyu Nyan remix]” is 64-bit-video-game-music-meets-footwork.

Of particular mention – “tiger striped cat”. It’s a weird, weird spoken word sample from Cowboy Bebop of a guy telling a story about a cat with a million lives. He falls in love with a mortal cat who eventually dies. It’s extremely surreal, and the sea shanty music behind it just makes it worse (or better?). It’s important in context of the anime, but out of context? Weird as hell, and it comes out of nowhere after three tracks of future funk fun-times.



1. she says that i am the ultimate torment – (2:32)
2. take your days (livetune vs shoko nakagawa) – (4:09)
3. interlude – (1:32)
4. tiger striped cat – (1:45)
5. the two of us (feat. pega) – (4:29)
6. epsilon, pt. II [Mukyu Nyan remix] – (5:43)


1Dubbed and subbed – which would make a pretty good band name.


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