emperor tangerine – slaves

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In primarily releasing noise music, emperor tangerine is the outlier project of Dream Catalogue co-owner HKE, whose albums/aliases are known for their eclectic takes on ambient vaporwave, dreampunk, and ghost tech. Following the same blueprint of str grl †, slaves is a thirty-minute long drone track that relishes in the slow burn. slaves is the least abrasive album released thus far under emperor tangerine; its closest sister is the shoegazey saltwater creek on TKX Vault. Far removed from the pseudo-industrial my empire, this album features absolutely no percussion; it is entirely distorted drone that sounds like an electric guitar played through a ton of rotating effects pedals. Stronger than the str grl † album simply because slaves has more compositional variety to justify its length, unlike the hundred-minute-plus killkore. Check this one out first.



1. slaves – (29:30)


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