Dream Catalogue announces new albums and reissues

British-American label Dream Catalogue has announced their new line-up of releases and reissues for the beginning of 2017, following a hiatus for planning out the new(-ish) year. Of note on reissues: 新しい日の誕生 (Birth of a New Day) will be reissued on vinyl within the next few months, and a cassette repress of OST (1​)​.​rar by R23X is currently available here. Additionally, a final repress of the DREAMBOX_1 is imminent; the press release states that it is “coming very soon”.

There are five albums scheduled for upcoming release on Dream Catalogue:

  • Computer Graphics – Lo-Fi: “[…] a continuation of the house and techno stylings of the former, reining in recent lo-fi trends in dance music and expanding upon them into further areas of jazz chord progression and dub techno […]” (4 April 2017, digital and cassette)
  • HCMJ – Flight: “The follow up to 2012’s Honeybee on Orange Milk, Flight is a return to Webster’s progressive rock past with new ideals he has learned from his explorations in [death’sdynamicshroud.wmv], taking the guitar-based experimentalism of the former and integrating the twisted audio manipulation of the latter to create something unique for the artist.” (18 April 2017; digital, CD, and cassette)
  • The Jewel Ship – Integrating Clouds: The release is made up of two long-form drone pieces, something which fans of Virtual Dream Plaza are sure to enjoy” (2 May 2017, digital and cassette)
  • Shinatama – Astrocide (Part I): “[…] continues with similar themes [to previous album The Unified Consciousness] of life and death in the grander scope of the astral space as a whole, painting a musical reflection of beauty and tragedy.” (16 May 2017, digital and cassette)
  • Yoshimi – Atavism: “Native to Tokyo, Yoshimi’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland relative to the modern city, exploring the dichotomy between the seen and unseen worlds. And while Tokyo Restricted Area brought the darker and concrete aspects of the city to life through his sui generis Japanese Hell Trap style, his monumental new album Atavism concentrates more on the spiritual side of reality, bringer a softer and more cinematic touch to the music at times, while still going in hard with the banging taiko drums and growling sub bass in others.” (30 May 2017, digital and vinyl)

For more information and the full press release from Dream Catalogue, please visit their web site here


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