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“I have some new hits I can’t wait to share with you.” Aww. Regardless of the music, that’s pretty cute.

バーチャルSHOPPING CENTRE1 is the third album by Squarecom広場SOFTWARE,2 a classic-style vaporwave artist whose works evoke adventures within the neverchanging Virtual Plaza(TM). This release is significantly influenced by mallsoft, with many tracks featuring the ever-so-slight glitch and fuzzy production that one would expect to hear from an aging PA system. The two best examples are “■☼SALE! 50% o f f BUY NOW ! ! !” and “Kids in Dillards 子供”, the latter of which utilizes the sudden sk-sk-sk-skips of which ▣世界から解放され▣ by ░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ was entirely constructed. These microbits are small, but they’re the secret to the appeal of バーチャルSHOPPING CENTRE. Once more, we have an album that proves there is no need for in-your-face gimmicks or particularly crazy editing styles in order to be an interesting listen.

バーチャルSHOPPING CENTRE wonderfully balances the abject simplicity of classic-style vaporwave with the immersive production of the virtual plaza, so check it out.



1. some  new  hits! – (0:54)
2. にぎやかなPromenade – (2:20)3
3. モールを歩き回ります – (1:58)4
4. ■☼SALE! 50% o f f BUY NOW ! ! ! – (1:47)
5. Kids in Dillards 子供 – (2:26)5
6. stroll  thru  KMART – (1:41)
7. いつ – (1:04)6
8. どうして – (2:12)7
9. DREAM SHOPPING – (2:19)
10. Shopping serenity / ショッピングA l o n e – (1:56)8
11. Thank You For Shopping ! – (1:10)


1Japanese translation: “Square (Squarecom Software)”
2Japanese translation: “Virtual (SHOPPING CENTRE)”
3Japanese translation: “Anime (Promenade)”
4Japanese translation: “Walk around the mall”
5Japanese translation: “Children (Kids in Dillards)”
6Japanese translation: “When”
7Japanese translation: “Why”
8Japanese translation: “(Shopping Serenity) / Shopping (Alone)”


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