Announcement: Welcome to SUNNbleach

Upon much consideration, the editors of the on-line music publication known as Sunbleach have decided that it is time for a change. Sunbleach has been a part of the vaporwave community for ten months now, amassing over one thousand articles including over two hundred reviews.

However, vaporwave is dead.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we sing a eulogy the great vaporwave genre that has brought us at Sunbleach together in such deep friendship.1 We have been proud to serve the vaporwave community all this time,2 and we hope that we have brought you considerable joy as well as information about the community, its members, and the art that has come from such a diverse subculture.3

Sunbleach is now re-dedicating itself to that much-maligned yet fascinating music genre of heavy metal, specifically extreme metal. This weekend, we will be publishing several articles on classic underground heavy metal music, recapping notable new music releases from 2017 thus far, and publishing a new interview with a notable heavy metal artist. Although we wish to continue discussing vaporwave and its related genres, we simply cannot continue to discuss a genre that is literally dead. Also: HK is better than Hong Kong Express.

Welcome to SUNNbleach.

1I write this as if there’s more than one of me. Nope! Just one fucker making this shit!
2There he goes with the “we” again.
3A moose once bit my sister.


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