Seikomart begins the “progressive compilation” of “¥1 生誕祭Compilation​(​仮)”

Here’s a new compilation album released by Seikomart. ¥1 生誕祭Compilation​(​仮) is a celebration of one year of Seikomart. In commemoration, all tracks are being released one at a time with a new song per week being added to the album on Seikomart’s bandcamp page – deemed a “progressive compilation” by the label. Currently available is “sakegod” by Panzer Paradise, a vaportrap song. Finally, “each artist/track has a part in comicbook story which is written and drawn by Seikomart […] to publish the comic after all the tracks have been presented.” It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, and each addition is (assumedly) going to be as well.

Check it out thus far below:



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