Two Bogus Collective releases: CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N and 満潮

Here are two albums from Bogus Collective that came out this past weekend and Monday when Sunbleach underwent a personality crisis. Alternative Reality by CΞLΞƧTIᐱL V I Ƨ I ∅ N is a dreampunk/vapordrone album that’s just as cyberpunk-dystopian as its title suggests. It is eight tracks of ambient and vague yet menacing synthesizer music that will please fans of w u s o 命 and TKX Vault. On the other hand, Trepidation by 満潮 is a nine-track mini-album of oceangrunge via enthusiastic and upbeat classic-style vaporwave music mixed with elements of progressive electronica. Two very different albums! They are both available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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