Swamp Circle releases 26 March – 1 April

Swamp Circle released one album on 26 March and three on 1 April. Whether or not they were made as April Fool’s jokes is not something I can say, as they all utilize Swamp Circle’s patented vapornoise production style with the goofy, surreal artwork made by angel marcloid.

  • NΔVELGΔZER$ ¡n†’l. – It Comes in Waves: it comes in waves??? I’m getting one. This release utilizes aspects of broken transmission and classic-style vaporwave, plugging in a bunch of samples that kinda-sorta don’t make sense but do when they’re all flushed together in this strange yet entrancing mix.
  • Bachelorette Party – Discrete Clarifiers: three tracks of almost pure noise music with little in the way of beat, rhythm, or even musicality. Great if you like late-eighties Merzbow or Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.
  • مدينة المستقبل – Park City By Day: twenty-one tracks of classic-style vaporwave with elements of modern downtempo music. The track titles give the impression of the titular city being more dystopian than utopian. Recommended if you don’t like noise music.
  • Ryan Mattox – Perpetual Déjà Vu: a ten-minute single of lo-fi noise music with metal screams. Recommended for fans of Online Records.

All albums are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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