//◭// hd netscape //◭// – Crystal Clear

Recommendation: ☹

First and foremost, Crystal Clear by //◭// hd netscape //◭// has one of the best glitchy artworks in vaporwave this side of V01D23 by PINK AND YELLOW, and it will almost certainly earn itself a spot on the end-of-the-year rundown of album artworks on Sunbleach for 2017. The music itself is pretty standard sampled vaporwave. All four tracks on this ten-minute EP are repackaged instrumental smooth jazz. It will appeal to big fans of that kind of sample curation. Otherwise, there is little here that makes it necessary, as so many other EPs (and full-lengths) out there in vaporwave do the exact same thing, so Crystal Clear gets lost in the fold of several thousand identically-minded albums. (Seriously though – that album artwork is perfect.)



1. Crystal Clear – (2:41)
2. Broken Heart – (2:40)
3. Summer Breeze – (2:55)
4. Goodbye – (2:41)


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