Botanica1 releases “7077” by 私の人生で最も悲しい時間

Here’s something new from Botanica1, which has ties to Sud Swap Audio Brewing and Seikomart. 7077 by 私の人生で最も悲しい時間 is five tracks of ambient vaporwave/hypnagogic drift music. This project features the dreampunk/ambient vaporwave artist Sangam. It slows down samples to an almost narcotic level, and it features some of the drifting, reverbed percussion popularized by slushwave artist telepath. It’s highly recommended if you enjoy that artist. 7077 is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, for $6.49 USD on CD-R, and for $9.99 USD on cassette.

Check it out below:



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