Business Casual releases “卡拉OK♫スターダスト東風” by SAYOHIMEBOU

The Friday album release from Business Casual is out: this week’s is 卡拉OK♫スターダスト東風 by SAYOHIMEBOU (not sure at all how to pronounce that). This full-length is full of glitchy trip-hop music, vaporwave production styles, and old-school plunderphonics production. A bit harsh, but with the super-clear production that is unique of Business Casual releases. Have you ever heard of Phantomsmasher or An Endless Sporadic? 卡拉OK♫スターダスト東風 is kind of like the output of those two artists, except with electronic music instead of heavy metal. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $8 USD on cassette in an edition of seventy-five.

Check it out below:



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