Louvain – dazed

Recommendation: ☹

dazed is a five-track EP of sample curation by Louvain available through Basement Tapes, a label based out of Oklahoma. It consists of twelve minutes of adult contemporary tracks spliced together with minimal equalization. While that is a hallmark of classic-style vaporwave, dazed is a problematic release because of how it is literally just copied and pasted tracks with very little additional context to give dazed a feeling of being its own. Louvain somewhat misunderstood the sample curation aesthetic; utilization of sample curation is successful when the samples are given a new contextual spin in juxtaposition to each other or with regards to a major album theme, as seen with Infinity Frequencies’ Computer trilogy. Sample curation is very rarely about the individual songs, and Louvain would see a marked increase in his or her work’s appeal if sample curation were utilized in this manner instead of what sounds like jumbled splices.



1. follow – (1:55)
2. pyrénées – (3:35)
3. avenue – (1:26)
4. nightcruise – (2:36)
5. 3:06 AM – (2:40)


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