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2X SMARTGIRL is a project of Vito James, known for being the creative director of DMT Tapes FL and for his massive 1001 Vaporwave Albums project through which he discusses the history of vaporwave and his subjective experiences with certain releases. SPA EXISTENTIALIST was released on Verbatim Consciousness Recordings, an imprint of DMT Tapes FL that is considered the “next chapter” in the parent label’s history. It’s the third release for VCR and the second EP from this particular project; yet given Vito’s prodigious body of work (a solid chunk of DMT Tapes FL’s release history is from him), this could easily be his second hundredth overall.

SPA EXISTENTIALIST consists of seven short classic-style tracks in ten minutes. It fits the same conceptual space as 幽霊, TOGETHER! and バーチャル Paragon ™: deeply reverbed and equalized samples that utilize something of a wall-of-sound approach. It’s the (faux-)nostalgia of vaporwave hitting you full-force, which is a strong aspect of DMT Tapes FL. All tracks are instrumental; there are a couple of highlights. “World 4-6: Lake Shore Paradise” has a 16-bit/SNES soundtrack feel, and “Mitchell” uses a progression not too far divorced from “Digital Love” by Daft Punk off of Discovery.



1. Yankee Shirt – (1:02)
2. #2 – (1:56)
3. 小さな道路のファンファーレ – (2:26)1
4. Deer Park Junior High – (1:50)
5. World 4-6: Lake Shore Paradise – (1:19)
6. Mitchell – (1:06)
7. #2 (Reprise) – (0:39)


1Japanese translation: “Fanfare on a small road”


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