Orange Milk Records quadruple releases (wow)

Orange Milk Records releases four albums at once yesterday! firesid3 ch​@​t r00m by More Eaze is an experimental electronica release with elements of chillwave and indie music. The artist frequently uses highly pitch-shifted vocals that act as their own instrument as often as they are lyrical devices. Breakeadito by El Murki is a footwork album that is good for fans of DJ Rashad; it also has some influences from glitch music and chillwave. Ekphrasis / Plastics is the second addition to the Orange Milk Split Series, this time featuring the artists Future Daughter and Matthew D. Gant. The former’s side will please fans of circa-2015 Dream Catalogue, while the latter’s side almost goes hardvapor at times with short, dub-influenced techno tracks. Finally, Nonlinear Record by Genetics and Windsurfing is the most glitchy and experimental of the four, utilizing generative music compositional tendencies to create something with more flow than such a tag may imply. All four are available for $7 USD each as a digital download and for $9 USD each on cassette format.

Check them out below:



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