Sunset Grid releases “Slow Boat” by Ferine Arts

Ferine Arts is back with new music out on Australian label Sunset Grid. Slow Boat is pure classic-style vaporwave in eleven short tracks. It’s mostly constructed of pitch-/tempo-shifted tracks of adult contemporary music with additional equalizing and electronic flourishes added to the mix. There are a few ECCOJAMS moments, such as on the jump cut-utilizing “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

[EDIT 4 November 2017: As noted below, this album has since been removed from the Sunset Grid catalogue.]

Check it out below:



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  • L33K5P1N 84574RD5

    You should notice that Sunset Grid deleted this release from their back catalogue. For reasons.. well I don’t know, something of “exclusive stuff only”.


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