Parasite – Dreams That Cast the Deep Web

Recommendation: ☹

Dreams That Cast the Deep Web comes from Parasite, an anonymous artist who – according to the RKM Records blurb – submitted this album with no further information. It’s two tracks of vaporgoth music that consist of extraordinarily pitch-/tempo-shifted samples taken from a Japanese promo for the Sega Dreamcast.1 There’s almost nothing in the way of standard musicality here; the shifts are so extreme and the results are so degraded that the speaking voices sound like Dory trying to speak whale in Finding Nemo.

Each track consists of a large group of phrases spliced together with pauses in between each one. Occasionally, there are some extremely glitchy parts that recall the type of production utilized on ▣世界から解放され▣ by INTERNET CLUB, e.g. at roughly the eight minute mark on “Part One”. The spaces between phrases and the presentation as being two different “parts” gives the impression of being a tape rip – an aesthetic also utilized by artists such as James Ferraro, qualchan., and Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza. The semi-oppressive atmosphere never lets up; all of this album’s thirty-seven minutes is nothing but dull murk long-removed from its commercial source material.

Due to its length and unvarying sound, Dreams That Cast the Deep Web is recommended only for diehard fans of extreme dark ambient music.



1. Part One – (19:05)
2. Part Two – (18:11)


1Again, according to the RKM blurb. One of the cool things about the anonymity of vaporwave is how much it flirts with the postmodern factitiousness. Someone should write an article about that.


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