DOMIKNOW – ••• _ •••••

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Well, it’s not Morse code, I can tell you that much. ••• _ ••••• by DOMIKNOW is a four-track EP available through Seikomart, a sister label to Sud Swap Audio Brewing and Botanica1. The release consists of fairly eclectic classic-style vaporwave, leading off with something that sounds like a mid-/late-90s computer program start-up theme that segues into some heavily affected vocal samples in the way of ULTRACOMPUTER and チェスマスター. The second track is a bit future funky; it features a sample of instrumental adult contemporary music with digitized hand-claps and snare-heavy, DJ Shadow-esque percussion. The third track slows the album down with some semi-hypnagogic music and a minor melody that takes full use of stereo sound sans the dizziness into which some producers fall when they try this technique. The final track takes an adult contemporary instrumental section with guitar lead and goes lo-fi while emphasizing the upper range, akin to mallsoft.

Overall, it’s a rewarding and fairly fun EP that makes for a good addition to anyone’s classic-style playlist. File it next to V//TOMO’s Two Weeks EP.



1. • – (1:43)
2. ••• • – (4:53)
3. •• – (5:02)
4. ••• ••• – (2:39)


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