No Problema Tapes releases “Confidential” by Niet Christ / Morten_HD

So before we get into this, quick question: is the “Niet” in “Niet Christ” pronounced like “diet” or like “nyet”? Confidential is a new split double-album released by Niet Christ and Morten_HD on the Chilean label No Problema Tapes. Contrary to most split releases, the two artists trade off on tracks rather than have two sides divided into each’s work. The Niet Christ tracks are generally more influenced by hardvapor and IDM (“Club Alarm” sounds a lot like old-school Autechre), while the Morten_HD tracks touch dreampunk in the way of Shima33 and Subaeris. Recommended for fans of the aforementioned artists, in addition to the recent International Debris album Myosphere, which is also out on No Problema Tapes. Confidential is available for $2 USD as a digital download and for $8.50 on cassette in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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