Ailanthus Recordings releases “RichL​@​nd W​@​ltZ” split by Chi}} Wi$$ard / Bichhaelモルトン

Chi}} Wi$$ard and Bichhaelモルトン have released a new split album called RichL@nd W@ltZ on long-time vaporwave label Ailanthus Recordings. The Chi}} Wi$$ard side is mostly classic-style vaporwave with elements of vaporgoth; the tracks frequently dip from moderate engaging classic-style samplism into the depressing, mired hypnagogic drift. The Bichhaelモルトン side samples lo-fi soundtrack and classical music scores to a somewhat unsettling effect; it’s recommended for fans of “amare sanguinem” by Vision Girl. It’s available as a free digital download.

Check it out below:



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