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As can be gleaned from the name, TWAYNG McGRAW is a novelty vaporwave project that focuses on ECCOJAMS edits of country and pop-country songs. 失望1 is a ten-track mini-album that is available through Bogus Collective, a label run by air jordans™ and TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL that primarily releases uptempo classic-style and hypnagogic drift albums. All tracks are composed via extreme pitch-/tempo-shifting of source material, although with less of the jump cut repetition with which ECCOJAMS is usually associated.

The concept has a lot of potential. The vast majority of ECCOJAMS and classic-style vaporwave releases hone in on R&B, jazz, and adult contemporary as their source material. Other styles get the shaft; few releases incorporate genres such as folk music, punk rock, or heavy metal,2 to say nothing of the country with which TWAYNG McGRAW experiments. Vaporwave is constantly searching for new methods by which to screw with music, and country music seems like a natural progression considering its plunderphonics roots.

However, 失望 is too focused on the novelty factor to make an impression. There isn’t much that makes this album a fresh or evocative listen, as the production techniques are the same as those used by the enormous body of classic-style vaporwave producers that just use the aforementioned R&B, jazz, and adult contemporary instead. For an idea such as that behind the TWAYNG McGRAW project to really shine, there needs to be something more that extends outside of the novelty appeal.

失望 and the utilization of country music as sampled material in ECCOJAMS and classic-style vaporwave is a cool thought that deserves more exploration by producers. It just needs to push outside of the boundaries of ironic humor and novelty.



1. don’t know why 失敗 – (1:56)3
2. he was man 悪魔 – (1:51)4
3. talking foolish 降霊術の – (1:24)5
4. whoops. m y b a d なぜ私の暗黒卿 – (1:01)6
5. 痛み w a t c h i n g y o u – (1:45)7
6. you have the right キツネに値します – (1:18)8
7. her picture 私の暗黒卿のために – (2:26)9
8. rain on a sunny day 闇の世界 – (1:54)10
9. feeling alive [ until tonight ] 犠牲 犠牲 – (2:08)11
10. michaeljfoxworthy – you have the right [ extended ] – (4:10)


1Japanese translation: “Disappointed”.
2The split between ZONΞ ΞATΞR and §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ on Chamber 38 averts this trope.
3Japanese translation: “(Don’t know why) Failure”
4Japanese translation: “(He was man) Devil”
5Japanese translation: “(Talking foolish) Necromancy”
6Japanese translation: “(Whoops. My bad) Why my dark lord”
7Japanese translation: “Pain (Watching you)”
8Japanese translation: “(You have the right) Deserves a fox”
9Japanese translation: “(Her picture) For my dark lord”
10Japanese translation: “(Rain on a sunny day) The world of darkness”
11Japanese translation: “(Feeling alive [until tonight]) Sacrifice and sacrifice


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