This week’s AOTW brings us back pretty far into Dream Catalogue’s past – their twelfth album, in fact, and one of the earliest releases still available on their official roster. ELECTRIC▲L TE▲RDROPS is the beginning to the DARKPYRAMID “love story” that describes hopeless (or hopeful) romanticism in a technologically-advanced era. It set the stage for a series of releases that were extremely well-received in the vaporwave community, such as A Heart Full of Love and New Humans, which also set out to reconcile love with biological and emotional verisimilitude. However, none of the later albums hit the classic-style and lo-fi mark quite like ELECTRIC▲L TE▲RDROPS, which utilized a clever blend of original material with staticky production, as if to conjure the feelings of intimacy and terrific loneliness that come with being “huddled next to him, [in] what could have been her last moment, there in the black abyss”. An emotional yet restrained release from one of many excellent projects by dreampunk mastermind HKE.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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