creative_reality17 – The Future

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

The Future is a goofy four-track EP (one of many) by creative_reality17, an artist who’s released on Sunset Grid and Bogus Collective. Fans of those two labels might know what to expect here – classic-style vaporwave and future funk – and *surprise* they’d be totally wrong. The Future is vaporhop with some quirky glitch music that sound like a [pick your 16-bit system] glitching out on the TV screen, but just for a moment until it knocks back into reality.

It starts with lead track “DUB CITY”, which features heavily compressed electronic bass with a cliché dub melody that nonetheless works because of how fun it is. Next up is “Jungle Drama”, which combines early IDM percussion with glitch-hop. “Moving On” is barely more than a minute long and takes the album down a notch with midtempo beats and some strangely futuristic sounds at about the half-minute mark and again toward the end. Closer “Thought Power” is bombastic percussion with a chromatic progression. Good times all around.



1. DUB CITY – (2:19)
2. Jungle Drama – (2;34)
3. Moving On – (1:14)
4. Thought Power – (1:54)


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