La Santisima 死 – PROSPERITY

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

La Santisima 死1 is a mainstay on Botanica1, which is part of a semi-collective of labels that also includes Sub Swap Audio Brewing and Seikomart. Whereas the other labels primarily release on classic-style vaporwave, chillwave, and hypnagogic drift; Botanica1 has always remained firmly within ambient vaporwave and dreampunk music. La Santisima 死 is no exception, being a prolific artist who generally produces music at the extreme end of the ambient vaporwave spectrum almost to the extent of drone music.

PROSPERITY is some of the darkest, dankest2 vaporgoth music currently available. Fans of Chinese Hackers and Skeleton by 骨架的will instantly take a liking to its heavily affected method of samplism that’s past the point of any possible hope of recognition. The whole album runs for just under a half hour, with final track “ABUNDANCE” taking up the majority of that time. Opening track “PROSPERITY” is barely musical, sounding like a drastically tempo-shifted vocal sample with barely any melody. It’s probably too far off the drone/vaporgoth end for the average listener, and La Santisima 死 certainly has many other works that are more colloquially “enjoyable”, but if you like your ambient music oppressive, then you’ll likely be down for this.



1. PROSPERITY – (3:16)
2. OPEN PASSAGES – (11:35)
3. ABUNDANCE – (14:24)


1Japanese translation: “Dead”
2In the “waterlogged dungeon” way, not the meme way.


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