Kamokata – Dojo 777

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dojo 777 is the debut release from Kamokata, an ambient/dreampunk project of HKE that released two albums through Dream Catalogue imprints TKX Vault (this album) and Nirvana Port (A Journey). Both releases came out within a month of each other, and both are situated late in the life of their respective labels. They are a part of a loose trend of early 2016 releases from HKE that primarily focused on long-form ambient music; see also Dilation of the Soul Electronic by Keito Shimuguchi, Exospirit by ADOV, вовки тіні by вовчі особи, and find me lady by emperor tangerine.1

This release has two tracks. Neither utilize percussion or other semblance of beat, instead going for pure ambient electronica. The first and longest is “Another Mind Reflective”, which is almost nineteen minutes of gently washing synthesizers with some of the slushy swirliness that characterizes telepath releases. The second is “Dimension 7”, which repeats a harmonic arpeggio to tonic. It is backed by similar swirliness to the previous track and is occasionally bolstered by a heavily distorted synthesizer akin to that used in Autres temps, autres mœurs by Sacred Frequencies – another HKE project.



1. Another Mind Reflective – (18:52)
2. Dimenstion 7 – (16:04)


1I can’t say whether or not this was on purpose, simply that it’s a lot of these kinds of albums coincidentally came out at around the same time.


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