Hurling Dervish – Y B Y B

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Y B Y B is a twenty-one minute single track EP by Hurling Dervish available through Dark Triad Records, which advertises itself as being a vague yet menacing government agency based in Antarctica. Y B Y B1 is kind of like a hardvapour mixtape, cycling through several different sounds and progressions that are all mixed together. In contrast to the gabber-influenced and noisy insanity of many hardvapour releases, Y B Y B is distinctly mid-tempo and has a lot of tropes of late-90s/early-00s techno music. There are a couple ambient moments as well, as heard at the ten-minute mark. The mixtape production style does not entirely suit the music; some of the better ideas (like that hovering around the five-minute mark) do not have much staying power, more so due to the lack of how long they’re playing than anything else. Were the mixtape to be split into separate tracks that each have their own fleshed-out moments to shine, Y B Y B would be even more successful. As it stands, this is a pretty cool EP. Along with HVRF, it shows how hardvapour does, in fact, have plenty of creative routes for music production that are not relegated to noisy gabber. Check it out for something different.



1. Y B Y B – (21:17)


1Can’t say I know what the acronym means.


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