¶¬ŠÆ©•§†‰]z·è®Ê&zØbž Z®«¦Wš±ìŠÐ – The Gates

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No, that’s not the craziest typo you’ve ever seen. The Gates is the fourth album released by Dublin, Ireland label Smirk Sounds. It’s from the artist ¶¬ŠÆ©•§†‰]z·è®Ê&zØbž Z®«¦Wš±ìŠÐ, which looks like a random string of text you’d find if you opened an image file in a word processor. The Gates is sixteen minutes of ambient vaporwave and dreampunk music at both genre’s droniest moments – but not abrasively so. This kind of release is great for fans of ADOV (TKX Vault, Nirvana Port), Kamokata (TKX Vault, Nirvana Port), and Tsunxmi (DMT Tapes FL) who enjoy long, rather peaceful tracks that serve excellently as furniture music with little intrusiveness. It’s almost unfortunate that it comes from the moniker that it does simply because something like ¶¬ŠÆ©•§†‰]z·è®Ê&zØbž Z®«¦Wš±ìŠÐ comes across as a vapornoise or tongue-in-cheek classic-style release, when it’s neither of those things.



1. The Gates – (15:55)


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