MOD-COMM 81 – #RAM-ceiling

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#RAM-ceiling is the debut release from British producer MOD-COMM 81 following a feature on the genre-defining Hardvapour compilation on Antifur. #RAM-ceiling is a single eighteen-minute mix of hardvapour that was released on HVRF (Hardvapour Resistance Front) in June 2016, about a month and a half after the label’s founding. It follows the early hardvapour influences of techno and industrial music that characterizes the genre’s predilection for forcefulness – a difference from the “softness” of many strains of vaporwave. More than most other hardvapour releases, this one plays up the “club” atmosphere, as seen in the hazily lighted album artwork and heard in the distinct techno-mix composition of the release.

The release begins with a mid-tempo breakbeat that is slowly melded to an industrial techno melody. At about the five-minute mark, #RAM-ceiling focuses more on the “techno” side before giving way to a snare-hit climax at the eleven-minute mark with tons of distortion. The percussion takes center-stage again at about thirteen minutes into the mixtape with an intense breakbeat section that sounds like a confluence of the last few minutes of percussive hits. The original melodic line then returns for a few minutes before a feedback squelch ends the song.



1. #RAM-ceiling – (17:44)


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