khoven – ファーリー・ファンダム

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

ファーリー・ファンダム1 is the fourth album released on Velvet Bazaar, which has been home to artists such as 2047, .mp3neptune, reef frequent, and MindSpring Memories – an impressive roster for a label that’s only had ten releases! This is a twenty-six minute mini-album2 of ambient vaporwave music from the artist khoven. Each track is a little less uptempo than the last. “unguilty pleasures” begins with a relaxed beat that sounds like it could be on a late-2015 Dream Catalogue album. “please stay forever” has crickets and a soft piano melody with lots of reverb that sounds vaguely mallsoft-esque. Final track “comforting reality” takes up over half of the album’s run-time and features some field recording bits with additional mallsoft atmospherics, ending as the most experimental of the tree songs. All have a somewhat new age feeling to them, and all are decidedly relaxed in contrast with its livelier cousins also on Velvet Bazaar. Add it to your ambient playlist.



1. P1///unguilty pleasures – (3:34)
2. P2///please stay forever – (7:46)
3. P3///comforting reality – (14:46)


1Japanese translation: “Furry Fandom”
2What’s the difference between an EP and a mini-album? Honestly, the answer is mostly subjective. I interpret an EP as being something with generally fewer tracks and a shorter run-time than a mini-album. A mini-album is something that’s not exactly as long as a full-length but doesn’t have the “feel” of an EP. There’s definitely a different impression from EPs and mini-albums as well.



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