holo.delux – 5.1

Recommendation: ☹

Anyone recognize that album artwork? The overlay with the woman is the same image as that used by telepath in the artwork for 泰合志恒, an excellent dreampunk/slushwave release for TKX Vault back in 2015. Nice little Easter egg!

5.1 is a five-track EP from holo.delux, a classic-style vaporwave artist from the UK who started to release music in August 2016 (or at least under this alias). This EP falls more into sample curation than other holo.delux albums, whereby the tracks are primarily constructed from full samples of extant material with little editing outside of some pitch-/tempo-shifting. The samples on 5.1 take from your usual source of instrumental adult contemporary music, akin to what would be heard on a Weather Channel bumper or late-night (think 9:30PM) radio – with one exception found in the Japanese media sample of “4”. As such, there isn’t too much to separate 5.1 from other curative releases, so it works best as an addition to a general playlist of classic-style releases than something to be recommended for its listening appeal all on its own.



1. 1 – (3:08)
2. 2 – (4:04)
3. 3 – (3:50)
4. 4 – (1:03)
5. 5.1 – (3:32)


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