R0x4ry dies; ashes thrown into sea

Following a spat with Poe (his Royal Regency a.k.a. “We Are Not Amused”, the King of BLCR Laboratories), the vaporwave artist and former head of Asura Revolver named R0x4ry has been found dead. He was assassinated via strangulation with a bloodied carpet, which is a calling card of Poe’s earlier career as an international vapourssassin, in which he puts the “sass”. Unfortunately, following a closed-door post-mortem and subsequent cremation at BLCR Laboratories – in which there was absolutely no conflict of interest – R0x4ry’s ashes were accidentally thrown into the North Sea by fellow artist Hantasi. They were then lost to further reclamation upon drifting into the sovereign territories of Sealand, by which they were claimed by the totally-serious-guys-we’re-a-real-country micronation by virtue of hosting its first funeral.



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