secondsun – spirits/flowers

Recommendation: ☹

spirits/flowers is a seventeen-minute mini-album of lo-fi hip-hop released through Vice ’98, a vaporwave label from Washington State that began to release music in September 2016, making it a relatively new addition to the fold. This album from secondsun was one of two debut releases for the label alongside DREAM VISION by I Am Adam, Of Eterna. In context of current issues, spirits/flowers is a somewhat different release for the label, seeing as how the contemporary releases of Vice ’98 (at least at the time of this writing) typically focus on classic-style vaporwave and vaporhop.

The songs on spirits/flowers revolve around the standard lo-fi hip-hop tropes. Tracks use lots of hiss and crackle. The percussion and samples are relatively simple. The former is of moderate or low beats per minute and generally operates on a plain bass kick/snare pattern. The latter are taken from piano jazz and cool jazz works, which is removed from the muzak and smooth jazz that are commonly used as the source material for classic-style vaporwave and hypnagogic drift. That’s about where spirits/flowers ends in terms of composition though. It might appeal to some hardcore fans of lo-fi hip-hop or jazzy vaporwave.



1. redwoods – (2:02)
2. rogue – (1:17)
3. spirits – (1:00)
4. suite – (1:01)
5. terrace – (0:58)
6. pipe – (1:19)
7. hungover – (0:48)
8. barberry – (1:22)
9. foxglove – (1;55)
10. lilac – (1:33)
11. lily – (0:51)
12. blossom – (0:53)
13. roses – (0:59)
14. thyme – (1:22)


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