AOTW 10 July – 16 July: Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Transversal Worldwide Shopping

What is “transversal”, and how would it be applied to worldwide shopping? Well, maybe Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza has the answer. Transversal Worldwide Shopping is the pseudonymous artist’s most out-there release. In contrast to the other “chapters” of LVP, Transversal Worldwide Shopping is only two tracks, both of which are long-form hypnagogic drift jams that launch into something like trip-vaporhop. One comment on Ailanthus Recordings refers to this release as “mall-drone”, which is an apt descriptor. Unlike other mallsoft releases, the music of Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza takes the decrepitness of malls along with classic-style vaporwave and makes something not quite nightmarish but certainly a little unsettling. Yet despite that unsettling factor, Transversal Worldwide Shopping ends up having one of the most danceable, groove-setting beats in all of classic-style vaporwave, with twelve minutes of “ISAL Networks” being dedicated to a firm four-on-the-floor kick-snare beat that begs for a midnight warehouse party. NTSC Memories might be Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza’s masterpiece, but Transversal Worldwide Shopping is their Head VI.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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