Spectra Vision Corp. – Spectral Bands [Green]

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Spectral Bands [Green] is a six-track EP from Spectra Vision Corp., available through DMT Tapes FL under the DMT[REC] imprint.1 As one can tell from the title, [Green] is part of a series of albums that depict different colors of light bands. Unfortunately, the only other extant entry to the series is [Blue], which was released in March 2016. It is unknown if the series is to continue. This release (the series’ first) is composed of vaportrap music with a sleek production style and compressed beats, similar to that put out by PZA and 「fluence」. Tracks are generally short (only two pass three minutes). The melodies are repetitions on a single theme; as with most trap music, the focus is on the percussion, which is basic. “Linear Array” features an arpeggiating keyboard line – but otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward vaportrap with a whole lot of hi-hats.



1. Absorbed – (2:52)
2. Rendering… – (2:02)
3. Beheld – (3:08)
4. Linear Array – (4:04)
5. Chlorophyll – (2:27)
6. Spectral Reflectance – (2:08)


1DMT Tapes FL splits up their releases in “seasons” over different imprints. For example: the first season was DMT Tapes FL; the second, DMT[REC]; and the third, Verbatim Consciousness Recordings (or VCR).


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