LOTW | 17 July – 23 July: Question Records

Our fourth label feature is Brighton, UK label Question Records! Question Records is owned and operated by Methyr, who has produced vaporwave-inspired music since early 2016 and has produced music through the neoclassical (or classically-influenced) project Te Amo! – exclamation mark included. Early in its run, Question Records released classic-style vaporwave (Hiroshi Haru), vaporhop (Aokigahara Accept, Warm Poolside Fun), and even vapornoise (t-Projection). It later underwent several rebrands to focus on music outside of the vaporwave spectrum, with Soar by Lukepi being described by Methyr as the label’s self-styled break-out into other forms of electronic music.

As with previous label-of-the-week features, we’ll spend some of this week running through a variety of albums featured in the catalogue of Question Records. Each new article will be listed below. Starting us off is an interview with Methyr, which you may access here. Enjoy!


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