Orange Milk Records releases “Sharp Time” by Euglossine

Orange Milk is known for an eclectic/eccentric take on experimental electronic music (and other adjectives that start with “e”), in addition to surreal album artwork. Sharp Time continues such as with a mix of dreampunk, generative music, and vaporwave with a glitchy mood – and I’m fully aware at how woefully lacking that word-vomit of tags may sound. It’s the debut for Orange Milk by the artist Euglossine, who hails from Gainesville, FL. Sharp Time is a capricious release with elements of muzak (e.g. “A Flip and Two Twisters”) juxtaposed with long-form synthesizer music (e.g. “Phenomenological Manifold”). It’s available for $7 USD as a digital download and for $18 USD on vinyl.

Check it out below:



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