TKX Vault releases “X​-​5AS482” by Unknown Data and “Facechain” by Infernal Demon Keito

Two releases from TKX Vault in as many days. The first is X​-​5AS482 from Unknown Data (possibly related to the Unknown Artist and Unknown Forest projects?). This release if four tracks of extremely lo-fi and low-volume garbled transmissions that sound like a field recording made with a barely-functioning tape recorder. The second is Facechain by Infernal Demon Keito, a project of Keito Shimuguchi. Facechain is a single half-hour long composition with elements of noise music, ghost tech, and dreampunk. It’s akin to the other drone compositions available through TKX Vault by the artist (e.g. Dilation of the Soul Electronic), but this one is a lot more… creepy. Compare to Spiritual Continuum, a recent release on the Pyramids label by Deiphix. Both albums are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads.

Check them out below:



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