Antifur releases “Kazantip ’97” by Head;Ache

Following the release of Intro to Bog last week by Pinkertons is the almost equally enigmatically-titled Kazantip ’97 by Head;Ache. This is a seven-track mini-album of hardvapour music with lots of industrial and gabber influences, even going into a bit of trap on “Deep Trip”. Kazantip ’97 references the themes of the original crop of hardvapour albums back in late 2015 through references to drug culture (“Amphetamine”) and rave culture (“Dance, Dance, Die” and “Massacre on Rave”) with violent imagery. If you liked the old releases from the Krokodil Krew, then check this out as well. It’s available for $4.21 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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