Elemental 95 releases “\​/​҉​/​\ by s҄͡s͖s͡l͜͡s̑”

I can’t say I know what those alt-codes are doing, but wow. \​/​҉​/​\ is a new album by s҄͡s͖s͡l͜͡s̑. It’s released through Elemental 95, which is primarily known for hosting classic-style vaporwave albums with some elements of hypnagogic drift. In contrast, \​/​҉​/​\ is a surreal and chaotic mixture of vaporgoth, broken transmission, and signalwave. Several tracks (such as opener “ϒ҈҄҃҅҇ϔ”) have the dark ambient texture of vaporgoth music, but others (like “_ _”) are constructed out of signalwave/vapornoise jump cuts akin to prism genesis by fuji grid tv – fans of whom will likely enjoy this album, as well as fans of Universitat de Barcelona. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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