Orange Milk Records quadruple release: Koeosaeme, Nmesh, garbage boy / qwizzzz, and Matt Wellins

Orange Milk dropped four(!) albums at once today, all in physical and digital format. They are: Sonorant by Koeosaeme, Split Series Vol. III by garbage boy / qwizzzz, Music for the Memphis Group by Matt Wellins, and Pharma by Nmesh. The first three albums are available for $7 USD each as digital downloads and for $9 USD on cassette; the Nmesh album Pharma is available for $12 USD as a digital download, and the cassette version is already sold out.

Sonorant is a somewhat glitchy twelve-track full-length from the Japanese artist Ryu Yoshikawa – presenting here under the Koeosaeme sound. The press blurb calls this album a “frenetic hybrid sound” of “wild electronics”, which is a pretty good way to put it. The production is crystal-clear digitally-mastered sound with significant amounts of stutters, bass rumbles, and instrumental hip-hop influences.

Split Series Vol. III is – as one may easily guess – the third of the Orange Milk Records Split Series releases. This one is between garbage boy and qwizzzz. Both sides consists of a single long-form track by either artist. The garbage boy track is “Tenchun”, which is almost ten minutes of strange glitch music and drone. The qwizzzz track is “suuuun Four”, which is sixteen minutes of constantly evolving experimental electronica with ambient elements. This split is recommended for fans of Methyr and Wasn’t.

Music for the Memphis Group is nineteen tracks of what’s best called “electronic classical music”. The album is a full suite of music made to represent the sound of the titular Memphis Group, and it merges classical instrumentation/composition with the off-kilter electronica that defines the Orange Milk Sound. Recommended for fans of Methyr (again) – specifically the Digital Autopsy album.

Finally, Pharma is the long-teases double full-length from Nmesh, who is particularly well-known within the vaporwave community for the albums Nu.wav Hallucinations and Dream Sequins, in additional to the ZONΞ ΞATΞR project. Pharma combines strong hardvapour influences with video game music and plunderphonics. The album itself is twenty-six tracks of original Nmesh music with another sixteen tracks of remixes.

Check them out below:



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