Bedlam Tapes double release: Vincent Remember and Hantasi

Bedlam Tapes released two albums yesterday: Culture Vulture by Vincent Remember and CA S  T LE by Hantasi. The former album is an ECCOJAMS/vaporhop release that utilizes plunderphonics sampling to mix together various hip-hop/R&B samples and other pop jams. The entire album is self-referential, with several tracks (e.g. “The Jam (420 Remix)” and “Touch the Ground”) using similar samples and calling back to similar movements. The latter album is a seven-track release of ambient vaporwave with similarities to Hantasi’s recent releases through Business Casual and Cyber Dreams Records. Both releases are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads and for $10 USD each on cassette in editions of fifty.

Check them out below:



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