b l u e s c r e e n – 毛唐

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

毛唐1 by bluescreen (typeset as b l u e s c r e e n) is a four-track EP available through Australian label Sunset Grid. This release is entirely classic-style vaporwave that is constructed from pitch-/tempo-shifted samples of adult contemporary music. The production is fairly standard according to classic-style music, with a moderate emphasis on mid-range frequencies and a somewhat muted production that bare an influence from the Fortune 500 label.

“Strangers” is four-minutes of sample curation with the aforementioned production edits. “Happy” is a partially-instrumental track with even more tempo-shifting and a great emphasis on muted production, on which vocals appear toward the last minute of the track. “Until Dusk” is entirely instrumental with no percussion and a dark ambient-like feel, as if it’s the point in a film soundtrack where the hero stumbles home at night to a disappointed lover. Finally, “Goodbye” is another classic-style edit in a style similar to “Happy” – it was added for the EP’s one-year anniversary.

Overall, 毛唐 is a fairly standard classic-style release. bluescreen would adapt as an artist through future albums such as beautiful death, but 毛唐 is still a potential addition to your pseudonymous vaporwave playlist.



1. Strangers – (3:56)
2. Happy – (4:38)
3. Until Dusk [1st Anniversary Bonus Track] – (1:55)
4. Goodbye – (3:30)


1Japanese translation: “Foreigner” or “Newcomer”


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