Henry Wong – H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+

Recommendation: ☀☀☁

Henry Wong is a… actually, that’s a good question. Who the fuck is Henry Wong? Along with Keito Shimuguchi, it’s likely that Henry Wong is an alias of HKE (or another close collaborator), but “alias” is a bad way to put it. The characters of Henry Wong, Keito Shimuguchi, Television Experience, etc. are better defined as just that: characters. They’re individual personae developed by HKE that have their own unique personalities, approaches to music, and philosophical ideas. Does that sound pretentious? Well, give me a better word than “alias”, because that implies it’s art made under a different name, whereas the works by Henry Wong et al. are more like music produced under different identities.1

For a more serious answer: Henry Wong has released several EPs through hardvapour labels HVRF and Antifur in addition to being featured on the fourth episode of HVRF’s World War 2020 series, Wikileaks vs. DNC. Most recently, Henry Wong collaborated with HKE on a track for the latter artist’s Heel Aesthetic album – also for HVRF – as a part of HKE’s Sequence 777 series released through 2017. At the moment, Henry Wong’s only solo album is H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+, and extraordinarily experimental hardvapour release of eight tracks in twenty minutes.

Hardvapour is known for its belligerent attitude and heavy influence from noise music, and H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ is likely one of the most abrasive and difficult albums released by the scene so far, along with ��▀̿▀̿▀̿ �☐ � ☐� ▀̿▀̿▀̿�� by Qebuxagon and 66 75 63 6b by Hypercube Extrusion. The album entirely eschews the techno/gabber influence of hardvapour for percussive-based noise and extraordinarily distorted bass that sounds like factory engines revving. A point in favor of Henry Wong is the dynamic range: whereas many hardvapour albums with heavy noise influence brickwall production as an aesthetic choice (and one that often facilitates the milieu), H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ uses silence and space to its benefit. “Alskolot” and “Ujaonko” both feature portions of short silence or periods where there is no instrumentation other than the percussion, and the tracks sound all the better for it by the dynamic range really allowing each hit to have its own power.

H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ is an album almost as unintelligible as its title. Try pronouncing “Slurqpe”, “Taiesx”, or “Ujaonko” – that’s how this album sounds.



1. Slurqpe – (2:56)
2. Cryvon – (3:51)
3. Golom – (1:46)
4. Taisex – (2:57)
5. Naleisea – (1:56)
6. Alskolot – (2:18)
7. Ujaonko – (2:21)
8. End- (2:35)


1… sans any implications of DID.


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