Late Night Loops – Late Night Loops II

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Don’t be fooled by the title. Despite this being called Late Night Loops II, I can’t find any other releases by the semi-eponymous artist Late Night Loops. It’s entirely possible that it’s out there, somewhere in the nameless archives of vaporwave MEGA discographies and forgotten Bandcamp labels – but knowing vaporwave, it’s also possible that Late Night Loops II is titled as such to evoke that sense of “missing tapes” and forgotten artifacts. [EDIT: Yes, it does exist.]

This release comes from The Vapour Library, a label based out of the State of Washington that by the time of this writing has not released an album in almost a year. Late Night Loops II consists of five short, uh, loops of sampled adult contemporary and R&B that are pretty damn groovy, especially “Darkness”. As with many old-school classic-style albums (although this album was released in June 2016), Late Night Loops II has edited its samples in a way to make the sources completely unrecognizable and divorced from the original soundtrack, as utilized by artists such as computer slime and Infinity Frequencies. The production effects utilize classic-style tropes, with some tape degradation that mostly takes the shape of random jump cuts that replay the sample – as with the vocal cut-out on “Still”. Despite its short length, this is a pretty good EP; a format at which The Vapour Library excels. (See also: DMT Tapes FL)



1. Neon Drive – (1:58)
2. Darkness – (1:44)
3. Still – (1:48)
4. Home – (1:34)
5. Blue Raindrops – (2:53)


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