AOTW | 14 August – 20 August: bl00dwave – NEW VISUALS

bl00dwave’s NEW VISUALS was released in February 2014 – perhaps surprisingly late in the game for a classic-style album that’s so obviously classic-style. Although topically one of many albums that rely on simple pitch-/tempo-shifting, NEW VISUALS is notable for its naivety. Not that bl00dwave is naive, but the atmosphere within this album is one of fancy and lightness. It’s full of glitter and unrefined magic, like an early 90s budget anime with a beautiful female protagonist and a sincere yet innocent male foil. NEW VISUALS feels a bit like a throwback to less-detailed times (anime or otherwise), evoking the nostalgia commonly associated with vaporwave but sans pandering. Put on a copy of Neon Genesis Evangelion or Sailor Moon and enjoy.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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