AOTW | 21 August – 27 August: Television Experience – The City Never Ends

The City Never Ends is a far cry from Television Experience’s debut Y. 2089, an essential vapornoise album. Then again – that was back when Television Experience went by the Japanese equivalent テレビ体験, so perhaps switching to English is a metaphorical growth of the beard? The City Never Ends is one of the TKX Vault soundtrack albums, along with METROPOLISからオーディオ by ニューシティ – of which the final track is also titled “THE CITY NEVER ENDS”. That is likely no coincidence, as the TKX Vault albums (and other projects from Dream Catalogue and HKE) are frequently self-referential. This particular release continues the unsettling cyberpunk score of METROPOLISからオーディオ, with a rich production and somewhat “off” compositional choices, as if the on-screen action is just on the cusp of turning sour.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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