[News] BLCR Laboratories announces cassette release of five TKX Vault albums

A few weeks ago, BLCR Laboratories posted an enigmatic list of numbers that were later revealed to correspond to catalogue numbers within the library of TKX Vault, an imprint of Dream Catalogue that is home to a variety of experimental dreampunk and vaporwave albums. These albums were confirmed to be imminently released on cassette format. Today, BLCR Laboratories officially reissued the following albums through their official web site:

  • TKX 009: 泰合志恒 – 神秘的情人 (slushwave/dreampunk from telepath)
  • TKX 018: Television Experience – The City Never Ends (cinematic dreampunk/vaporwave, akin to METROPOLISからオーディオ by ニューシティ)
  • TKX 025: チェスマスター – 夢に生きます (haunting hypnagogic drift/dreampunk)
  • TKX 047: Halo Acid – Days of Night (ghost tech)
  • TKX 051: チェスマスター – Infinity of a Void (hypnagogic drift/dreampunk and the first release on TKX Vault following the year-long hiatus)

Cassette are available for €9.00 each, and all five are available as a special bundle for €40.00. All cassettes are in editions of 100 – with the exception of 神秘的情人, which is in an edition of 300 due to popular demand. Access the BLCR website here. You can also acquire digital downloads on a pay-what-you-want basis from the TKX Vault bandcamp page.

Check them out below via TKX Vault:



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