High School Drama Teacher – HEARTWORK.EXE

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HEARTWORK.EXE is a four-track EP produced by Canadian artist High School Drama Teacher, who also works under the alias Donkey Boy. It’s available through Beer Wizard and was originally released on cassette as well as digital format, the former of which have been sold out for quite some time. This release is classic-style vaporwave/ECCOJAMS that heavily pitch-/tempo-shifts samples of Japanese media. For the most part, it plays close to the classic-style trope of slowed-down samples, but there’s a lot of degradation to be found that occasionally causes tracks to lapse into vapornoise, of which opener track “Pixiesoft” is the best example. “Constant Spectre (Infinite Snapchat)” stutters along pleasantly with an acoustic break toward the end. Overall, an interesting if not necessary classic-style release with some cool bits akin to Mason Guerrero’s The Chernobyl Tape Decks.



1. Pixiesoft – (3:50)
2. Tinder Fantasies – (3:56)
3. Constant Spectre (Infinite Snapchat) – (2:42)
4. Oceans Apart – (2:12)


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