[Admin] Interrupted updates for the next few weeks

I know what you’re thinking: “damn, Sunbleach, another one of these announcements?” Yup, another one!

I have exciting news: I am applying to graduate school. Yay! However, this means applying to graduate school. This takes a lot of time with writing personal statements, soliciting letters of recommendations, and individualizing my resume/CV – not to mention it takes a while just filling out the physical application itself.

Until these applications are complete, they will be my top priority. I will not be able to update Sunbleach every day or every couple of days like normal. These past five days have been an example of that, as I started my big push to complete my applications on Friday. I assume that they will take the majority of my time for the next three weeks, after which I plan to return to regularly scheduled updates. On top of this, I’m visiting home for the first week of October.

Simply due to time constraints, I will not be able to do regular new music blurbs as new tunes come out, but I will be able to put together a list of new music updates for the weekly recaps at the end of each week. Album articles will be sparse due to time. AOTW will commence as normal.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll do my best to work on articles and news for you as I have the time 🙂


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